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Tips to Prevent the Winter Blues from Area Professionals

The winter can be a struggle for everyone. From the cold temperatures to it getting dark earlier, the winter blues are a real thing that can really drag anyone’s mood down. If you are looking for more information on how you can make the most of the winter season and still live a full and happy life look no further! We have reached out to some area professionals for some tips on how they combat the winter blues.

How you can prevent the winter blues:

The temperature is dropping, it’s getting darker earlier which makes the days feel shorter, and the holidays are creeping closer which means there is so much to be done and so little time. Just the thought of this may put you in a stressful and depressed mood. Well, this year before the winter blues take hold of me I am going to prepare myself. Who is with me? Try some of these tips to prepare your mind to brave the blues! Exercise! (Of course it’s number one) Exercising under bright lights may be even better for seasonal depression: One study found that exercise under bright light improved general mental health, social functioning, and depressive symptoms. Plus, exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins make us happy! Having trouble relaxing? Try out a yoga session. Find something you enjoy and get moving! Eat nutrient dense foods! We all know that packing on the pounds puts us in a more depressed mood. Eating healthy makes us feel good about ourselves and we also have more energy. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to go into the New Year without a resolution of losing weight? Stick to lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, and of course get your fruit and veggies in! Try cutting down liquid calories, stay away from fried foods, and start adding in healthier meals to your day! Get outside! When it is dark and freezing cold out the last thing you may want to do is get outside, but it may be the best thing for you. A simple walk around the block and breathing in the fresh crisp air will do wonders for your soul. You will feel rejuvenated and alive. Yes, the hardest part is walking out the door but once you return I promise you will be so glad you did it. Plan a vacation! Longing for sunnier days at the beach? Research shows that the simple act of planning a vacation causes a significant increase in overall happiness. Help others! Ladling out soup at the local shelter or volunteering your time can improve mental health and life satisfaction. The winter can be tough but you when have a plan in place it may not be as bad as you thought it was going to be. So together let’s brave the winter blues. Alexa Miller / Anytime Fitness Contact: (419) 221-0030 Web:
Very rarely do we take the time to slow down… even less so during the winter and holiday months. Practicing yoga is a great way to keep your mind calm and body happy during those stressful times. Yoga is focused on mindful movements to increase strength and flexibility plus breath-work and meditation to stay present in any given moment. Chilly weather really getting you down? Try Hot Yoga; the 90 room will keep your muscles limber and help sweat off some of those Christmas cookies! Meredith Bond, 200hr RYT & ACE Personal Trainer Pure Movement, Owner Web:
The hustle and bustle of the holiday and the change of seasons most often triggers holiday stress and the winter blues. At Perennial Glow Spa, we believe it is important to take a moment for yourself this winter season to enjoy the many holistic spa remedies to balance your spirit, soul, and body. Massage Therapy is a timeless modality that is proven to relieve stress and anxiety, provide clarity of mind, uplift your mood, and improve your overall quality of sleep. Many people harbor stress and tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. Massage is a great way to relieve that tension and allow those muscles to relax. Another way to lift the spirits and improve dull and dry winterized skin is to experience a relaxing spa facial service. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and pores cleaned to leave your skin with an overall freshness. The service is ultra relaxing and includes a facial massage to relax tired and strained muscles of the face. The result is a relaxed and youthful glow. The benefits of a weekly or monthly massage and facial are countless. The holiday season can be one of the happiest times of year, but can also be the most stressful. Be proactive and create a plan to treat your body well this holiday season. Natasha Mears / Perennial Glow Spa Contact: (419) 604-2590 Web:
Brighten up your outlook. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that typically occurs each year during fall and winter. Relief can often be seen by using a light therapy box. Begin with about 10 minutes per day and work your way up slowly from there adding 5 minutes every few days. Add some exercise. Numerous studies have shown that exercise can help improve vitality, decrease symptoms of depression and improve overall general mental well-being. The magic number seems to be between 20-40 minutes per day. Dr. Roger Sperry (Nobel Prize Winning Neurologist) stated “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine. This would be analogous to a windmill generating electricity.” So get off the couch and beat the winter blues. Dr. John Bennett / Body Workz Wellness Web:
Does winter have you feeling down? Are you tired of the bitter cold temperatures and being stuck indoors with nowhere to go? With the sun setting earlier, snow falling, and your family being cooped up indoors, it is easy to feel bored and even a little depressed. Hot tubs are a great way to combat those winter blahs and thwart off sickness. Hot tubs provide a way for the family to get outdoors and spend quality time with one another. Instead of lazily lounging in the evening with nothing to do, you can create family bonding time and memories outside. Soaking for just 15 minutes helps you relax, eases stress, and releases endorphins that promote happiness! Hot tubs can also shorten the duration of sickness from the cold or flu. By raising your body’s core temperature, it mimics a fever and allows you to sweat out toxins, increase circulation, and ease achy muscles. The steam and heat also make it easier to breathe. So don’t stay indoors this winter. Instead, spend time in your hot tub, and say goodbye to all your winter blahs! Karolyn Eversole / Eversole Pool & Spa Contact: 419-221-3494
Health and wellness is important no matter the time of year, but the winter can be extra hard on us emotionally and physically. We want to help you feel good in the winter so you can be your best in every aspect of your life. If you need extra tips on how you can brave the winter blues feel free to reach out to us or to one of these area professionals to learn more about how they can help you!

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