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The Family Room: How to create the perfect useful space for fun and memories

The family room is typically an all-purpose space for hanging out with friends and family.

It can be a comfy space for watching movies, a place to have conversations with each other, and a fun spot to host get-togethers and parties.

If you’re looking to update one of your rooms to make it into a fun and useful family space, we’ve got you covered. Here are a couple of ideas to help you design a functional and fun space that will help your family make memories together.

Billiards and Other Games

Make the space as fun as possible with a pool table! Pretty much everyone knows how to play pool, so it’s a great focal point for the room while being super accessible and fun for family and friends.

If you have teenagers, you can use a game of pool as an opportunity to talk to them about some more difficult topics. No awkward eye contact needed!

Other options could include foosball tables, air hockey, arcade games, table tennis, shuffleboard, to just name a few!

Of course, board games are also great to have in a family room. Have a family game night once a week to connect with loved ones! Or, just have the games available for when your children have friends over.

TV and VR Station

Of course in America, a family room wouldn’t be such without a television! Many families spend time gathered around the TV watching movies and television shows or playing video games. A big comfy couch and a TV can provide a great space for parties, too. A Superbowl party wouldn’t work without a TV!

You can also add on some fun new technologies to your family room. There are many different kinds of video game consoles to choose from.

The latest fun is virtual reality. Strap on a headset and grab some controllers and enter a new world. While you’re immersed in the VR world, your friends and family can watch you play on the TV.

Chalk Board Wall

If you have a nice big empty wall, a chalkboard wall is a fun feature to add to your family room! It can encourage creativity in your kids, come in handy during parties, and is just cool in general.

Reading Nook

Depending on where your family room is, you can add a window seat and some bookshelves to make a cute little reading nook. It also helps give you a spot for things like board games and store other items and nicknacks. The best option would be to have some open shelves above cabinets to give you a place to store toys, cords, and electronics without visible clutter.

Snack Station

If you want people to take full advantage of the new family space, a snack station can be super handy. Whether you want to have a full-size fridge or just a little mini-fridge for some drinks, a snack station is perfect for family movie night. A snack station is also great to have set-up for parties and gatherings. You can have a nice spread of apps and drinks ready to go for people to graze on.

A Play Area

If you have younger children, a family room would be incomplete without a place for play. Give your children their own little corner to have their toys!

Some additional tips for your new family room

Some of the above will be absolutely critical for your family room, some of the ideas not so much. It all depends on your families interests and what you’d all like to get out of the new space you’re creating. If you host parties a lot your priorities are going to be different than someone whose family is more interest in family game nights and reading challenges.

The tips below, on the other hand, are a little more general and practical.

Other tips:
  • Use modular furniture and create a flow between different spaces (for running children)
  • Balance comfort and style to make the room cozy, yet not cluttered
  • Choose a low pile rug in a family room–its goal is to be super functional and a low pile is easier to keep clean
  • Make sure to pick out furniture and pieces that have plenty have storage space
  • The best family rooms will have space for entertainment and space for socializing

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