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Why you should purchase your pool from a local dealer

No matter the service or product purchased, the relationship between the buyer and seller is more valuable than you what might think. With more and more individuals purchasing their products online many forget the benefits of actually buying their product or service locally. Have you ever looked at buying your pool online? Most of you reading this would probably answer yes, but have you looked at the benefits of purchasing your pool from a local dealer? If you haven’t, the benefits of shopping locally for your pool are endless and the relationship built is priceless.

The benefits of purchasing your pool from a local dealer:

Higher Quality

When you purchase your pool from a local dealer you are getting the best of the best. Unlike buying online, a local pool dealer is able to come out to your residence for an in-home consultation which are usually free to you as well as give you advice on what will actually work best in your yard. The in-person interaction and expertise will help you make the best decision and prevent you from having buyer’s remorse when your online pool purchase gets delivered to your home. Did we mention that the quality from buying from a local dealer is also higher than that of buying elsewhere? Local dealers have access to the top brand names and models so you don’t have to go anywhere else than right down the road. Often times the pictures online do not accurately depict quality or style of the pool you are planning to purchase. Generic stock photos are generally used, and what looks nice online is often a basic low-quality pool. Being able to visit a local dealer’s showroom to touch and feel the quality and selection in person before buying while comparing different styles, sizes, and quality ahead of time is something you can’t put a price on.

Local Service

During the life of your pool, you will most likely need routine maintenance, cleaning, or help opening and closing your pool each season. When you purchase your pool from a local dealer you will get an experienced professional each and every time you call. What’s better than having access to the company your purchased your pool from compared to the call center when purchasing online? Local pool dealers always service what they sell, and are readily available to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

One-Stop Shop

Tired of driving around or searching everywhere for the best pool chemicals? Another benefit from purchasing your pool from a local dealer is you have access to the best chemicals and expertise of the pool professionals anytime you need it. Purchasing everything you need from one place will not only save you time but it will also give you the most bang for your buck.

Customer Service

The customer service you find from a local dealer is second to none. Local dealers will also help handle warranty claims and issues should they arise, whereas online warehouses, dealers, stores, etc. will not. Eversole Pool and Spa has the largest selection of pools to choose from in the area, offering a variety of sizes and materials, so we can help every family, no matter the yard or budget. Stop in or call us at (419) 221-3494 today, and let us help make your every day a vacation!

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