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What is the importance of having a hot tub cover?

Do you own a hot tub? If so, it is time to protect your investment. Owning a hot tub is a big responsibility just like anything else, so make sure you take the time to protect your hot tub with the right cover.
Here are five reasons you need to invest in a hot tub cover today!

Save on electricity.

If you want to save on your electric bill you must cover your hot tub. Without a hot tub cover, the heat will escape the tub which will result in wasted energy. It will also take more energy to reheat the tub without a cover. So unless you want to spend more money on your electric bill than you already have to make sure you invest in the right hot tub cover when your purchase your hot tub.

Keep your hot tub clean.

Want to keep your heat tub clean? Then a hot tub cover is just what you need! In order to keep all of the debris out of your tub it is important that you cover it up after each use. This will also help reduce any extra cleaning time if you decide you want to take a quick dip. Remember, you are soaking in your hot tub for an extended period of time so you want the water to be as clean as possible.

Protect your hot tub from the sun.

Did you know hot tubs are made out of acrylic? Excessive exposure to the sun can cause your hot tub to deteriorate at a faster rate without a cover. Just like the UV rays damage skin they also damage hot tubs as well. It is very important that you purchase the right hot tub cover to protect your investment and to prolong the life of the tub.

Prevent drowning.

If you have no other reason to get a hot tub cover, safety should be it. Just like children or animals can drown in a pool, they can also drown in a hot tub as well. When looking for the right hot tub cover you may want to purchase one that you have to unlock. A cover with a key is the safest way to keep unwanted animals or children out of the hot tub.

Reduce the cost of chemicals.

If you want to save money on chemicals, then you will want to make sure you purchase the right cover. Rain, debris, and other elements can really mess with your hot tubs chemistry. By keeping all unwanted chemicals and debris out of your hot tub it will save you money on chemicals and save your hot tub from being damaged. Hot tub covers are a great investment to protect your hot tub and the benefits are not limited to just the ones listed. If you are interested in learning more about how to buy the right hot tub cover or would like a free in-home consultation make sure to give us a call at 419-221-3494.

Do you have concerns about the work that goes into spa maintenance?

These days, quality hot tub manufacturers typically build several maintenance-reducing features into their products. In this comprehensive guide to hot tub maintenance, we’ll cover everything you need to know about maintaining a hot tub.
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