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The Benefits of using SilkBalance in your Spa

Do you have allergies or react poorly to chlorine/bromine? Are you looking for other chemicals to use in your spa that are less harsh on you and your equipment? Are you afraid that you are using too many chemicals in your spa? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions SilkBalance may be just what you’ve been looking for, and the benefits are endless.

The benefits of using SilkBalance:

Makes Life Easier

Are you tired of always messing with the chemicals it takes to maintain your spa? Well now you can use SilkBalance to help make your life easier. SilkBalance is formulated to be self-adjusting and safer for you. Also, you won’t have to deal with the strong and annoying smell of chemicals.

Easy on the Environment

Who doesn’t want to help protect the environment? When you use SilkBalance you help aid in the movement. SilkBalance is a safer and easier alternative to the normal harsher chemicals that are typically used to treat spas. The best news of all is when you use SilkBalance there are no special procedures or requirements when it’s time to drain your spa.

Easy on Spa Equipment

Do you need help protecting your investment? SilkBalance will help you do just that! SilkBalance acts as a complete water care treatment system, which works to extend the life of your spa equipment. Due to its lack of corrosive components SilkBalance is safer on your spa parts. When you use SilkBalance instead of other spa chemicals it helps to break down deposits helping to stop further buildup.

Improves Performance

Do you want your spa performing at it’s max potential? SilkBalance helps your water flow freely. The efficiency of SilkBalance helps you get the most out of your spa. Silk balance is great for the longevity of any spa and its parts since it isn’t corrosive. It is also able to remove excess build up in the jets so they can send more pressure to your muscles. The internal parts of your spa are able to work to their maximum potential when you choose SilkBalance.

SilkBalance is easy on your skin and great for those with allergies. If you’ve noticed how hard other chemicals can be on your skin and allergies it may be time to switch to SilkBalance. There are many benefits to using SilkBalance along with the refreshing scent. If you are interested in learning more about SilkBalance be sure to give us a call at 419-221-3494 or stop by and see us at Eversole Pool & Spa!

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