Hot Tubs

Sit back, relax with a hot tub

Whether you are unwinding in the hot tub by yourself or surrounded by friends and family, you’re creating an experience. Immersed in the water, the world becomes smaller. Put down your phone and enjoy the moment. For a few precious minutes, let your worries slip away and become engaged with those surrounding you. Join the conversation and strengthen your relationship with those closest to you.

Eversole Hot TubsWhen you are able to step back and enjoy the world around you, you’ll see amazing things. Enjoy the beauty of starry nights; purple, red, and golden sunrises; the changing of the seasons. A hot tub means a private retreat, just seconds outside your door. Enjoy the quiet; the world is too loud.

Great for the body

Hydrotherapy has long been lauded for its part in restoring, maintaining, and regulating your body’s health. Hot water dilates blood vessels, relaxing the body while increasing blood flow. With blood flow increased, it’s sent to the skin and muscles, with the result of easing stiffness and removing toxins. Hot tubs and spas can help with a number of health problems. They can relieve joint inflammation caused by arthritis and other conditions, improve mobility, help those with chronic pain, and help strengthen the mind, reducing anxiety and stress.

Hot tubs have been associated with relief of:

  • Muscular and joint tension
  • Aches and pains
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders

Enjoying 20 minutes to an hour in a hot tub will give you total, full-body relaxation! Feel your body’s tension fall away and pain quiet. Heal your body with the power of water.

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