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What is SilkBalance and how to use in your hot tub

We’ve all been there. You get ready to sit and relax in your hot tub, to counteract the stress of the day and to mend sore muscles. Slowly you drop into the hot water, settle back into the seat, and take a deep breath. Ah … the smell of chlorine and chemicals.

It seems to be unavoidable. Harsh chemicals are necessary to keep the water clear and limit the growth of bacteria. At least that’s how it used to be.

If you’re looking for a better method, SilkBalance offers an easy-to-use solution that eliminates harsh and often confusing chemical routines. Its main benefit is that it leaves the water feeling silky and soft while maintaining crystal clear and odor free water. It also protects spa equipment. There is no measuring, adding, mixing, testing, or dry, itchy skin.SilkBalance

What is SilkBalance?

SilkBalance is an easy to use, simple solution that you pour into your hot tub once a week. That’s it! No complicated chemicals or the hassles of a saltwater system.

How does SilkBalance work?

To keep the water balanced and crystal clear, SilkBalance removes the food sources that bacteria feed on. It also limits the biofilm that tends to grow on the surface of the water by reducing surface tension. Biofilm protects bacterial colonies so they can reproduce. So, by reducing both of these things, it ensures that little to no bacteria content is found in the water.

Additionally, SilkBalance works to:

  • Counteract dry or itchy skin
  • Soften water
  • Minimize the use and smell of harsh chemicals
  • Neutralize cloudy water
  • Provide a simpler maintenance routine
  • Prevent pH spikes
  • Balance the Alkalinity level
  • Preventing and lessen the effects of harsh chemicals on your skin, water, and components
  • Help your spa water last longer and to decrease repeated drains and refills
  • Cut back on excessive foam
  • Condition the water no matter what sanitizer you use

SilkBalance does not sanitize your hot tub. However, it does contain additives which act as passive biostat agents. They act as preservatives like the silver used in cosmetics to keep it fresh and safe for use. Because of this, you will want to use a non-chlorine shock MPS after each session to sanitize the hot tub. This will eliminate waste left in the water, such as sweat, skin, hair, body lotions, and dust. These particles act as food for bacteria.

How can I use SilkBalance?

To begin using SilkBalance, you must first fill your hot tub and check your water for the right chemistry. Water will be different based on where you live. If it is off, you will have to make some adjustments.

First, check for chlorine and its levels. The value should be between three to five parts per million (PPM). You will then have to check the pH, which should be between 7.2 to 7.6. Next, you must test the alkalinity of the water. This should measure between 80 to 120 PPM. Finally, you need to measure the total hardness (TH), which should be between 180 to 250 PPM.

The correct water level should be between:

  • Chlorine: 3 to 5 PPM
  • pH: 7.2 to 7.6
  • Alkalinity: 80 to 120 PPM
  • Total Hardness (TH): 180 to 250 PPM

Once your water levels are correct, you will begin to use SilkBalance weekly. For hot tubs with less than 399 gallons of water, use three ounces a week. For those with more than 400 gallons of water, use four ounces a week.

Once you’ve added the correct amount of SilkBalance, turn on the jets and let the water circulate for as long as you can. The more it circulates, the better.

The SilkBalance will work to buffer the pH and alkalinity and provide an odor-free environment while eliminating the need for unnecessary chemicals.

After every use, you will need to use a chlorine-free shock. This is an essential part of your hot tub maintenance and will help ensure hot tub water stays balanced with limited bacteria growth.

SilkBalance works best with hot tubs that have circulation pumps for 24-hour filtration or with a two-speed pump that can be continuously run at low speed.

The simplicity of the SilkBalance product line will make your weekly maintenance easy-peasy. So when it’s time to sit back and relax, you can. No harsh chemicals, no odors, and healthier skin for everyone!

At Eversole Pool and Spa, we only recommend hot tub chemicals that are safe and effective. If you have any questions regarding the care of your hot tub or to learn if SilkBalance is a good option, please contact our team today.

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