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One of the most important things you can do for your spa is to keep it clean. Eversole Pool and Spa has all the products you need to help you keep your spa clean, clear, and itch-free!

Freshwater Spa Supplies

Freshwater SuppliesWith our FreshWater line of high-quality water care products, you can easily keep your spa water clean, clear and ready to enjoy. We have all the products you need.

  • Five-Way Test Strips – Conveniently monitor the chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity and total hardness levels in your spa water with these easy-to-use test strips.
  • Concentrated Chlorinating Granules – This efficient sanitizer is popular because it is completely soluble and nearly pH neutral. Available in multiple sizes.
  • pH/Alkalinity Up, pH/Alkalinity Down – Up prevents pH bounce and deterioration of spa surface and fittings from low total alkalinity while Down decreases spa water pH.
  • Stain & Scale Defense – Prevents calcium build-up on spa surfaces and controls stain and scale formation.
  • Spa Shine – Reactive silicone protects, waterproofs and seals the spa shell to prevent fading and oxidation.
  • Filter Cleaner – Keep your standard or Tri-X filters in their best-operating condition with the FreshWater filter cleaner, formulated for use with chlorine- or bromine-based water care, or with the EverFresh water care system.
  • Instant Filter Cleaner – Extend the life of your filter with this instant, spray on, “no-soak” formula.

To view our full selection of products, please visit our showroom. Don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for help! If you’re unsure about what product is right for you or to test your water for free call us at 419-221-3494.

Caribbean Blue Spa Chemicals

We’re proud to carry Caribbean Blue by Haviland, an employee-owned American company with more than 40 years of experience. You may have a lot of choices when choosing pool chemicals, but we know that Caribbean Blue is the best choice for your family. Visit our showroom and we’ll help you find the right product for your spa.

We offer the following Caribbean Blue products to help care for your spa:

  • Spa Bromine Tabs – An excellent alternative to chlorine for sanitizing spas.
  • Spa Granular Chlorine – Spa water comfort and water clarity are important. Spa Granular Chlorine takes care of both.Hot Tub Chemicals, Eversole Pool and Spa, Lima, Ohio
  • Spa Chlorine Free Shock – Shock your water without chlorine
  • Spa Bromine Builder – A starter product for users of Spa Bromine Tabs.
  • Spa Soft – Soften your water while making spa care easier? Yes, please!
  • Spa Prep 20 – Raises pH in your spa water.
  • Spa Prep 10 – Increases alkalinity in spa water.
  • Spa Prep 25 – Lowers pH in spa water.
  • Spa Prep 30 – Increases calcium levels in spa water.
  • Spa Stain & Scale Preventer – Stops scale formation, so any issues from metals are eliminated.
  • Spa Clarifier – A small dose adds a lot of sparkle to your water.
  • Spa Enzyme Magic – A natural formula which removes oils, lotions, and other contaminants.
  • Spa Foam Free – Destroys foam on contact.
  • Spa Surface Magic – Keep them clean and you will feel rewarded.
  • Spa Filter Magic – A concentrated cleaner for cartridge filters. Either spray or soak.
  • Chlorine Spa Kit – An excellent kit for new or existing spa owners.

If you need a hand determining which chemicals you need for your pool, or if you’d like a free water testing to make sure your spa is clean and safe, give us a call at 419-221-3494.

Spa Frog

Mineral Products control bacteria and help keep the pH neutral, which reduces your chlorine or bromine use up to 50 percent* and makes the water feel silky soft while staying crystal clear.

Filter Frog Mineral Spa Care

Spa Frog offers another approach to mineral spa care that fits in your filter. The unique design draws water in through the openings in the cap and scooped louvers at the top, and then circulates it through our mineral formula for the best effect. Water is then released through the bottom openings. Simply supplement with a low level of bromine or chlorine. This product also lasts four months and comes with an easy reminder dial to help you change it on time.

*Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended bromine level of 2.0 ppm for a spa

Feel free to contact us today for a free water testing to make sure your spa is clean and safe. Just give us a call at 419-221-3494, or visit our showroom and our associates will help you determine the best solution for you.

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Your spa should be a pleasurable experience – this Caribbean Spa Guide will help you keep you spa clean and enjoyable all year long.

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